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Neuroendocrinologie Moleculaire de la Reproduction




I’m a specialist of biological rhythms, with expertise in neuroendocrinology, molecular biology and cell biology. After being awarded a PhD in Neuroscience form Strasbourg University (France, 2003), I did two post-doctoral trainings in Montreal (Canada 2003-2006) and Aberdeen (Scotland 2006-2011), working on the molecular underpinnings of circadian rhythms (i.e. clock genes) and the role of melatonin and the pars tuberalis of the pituitary in seasonal rhythms, respectively. I currently hold a permanent research position at INRA (France) where I keep on working on the molecular and neuroendocrine basis of seasonal and circannual rhythms in sheep

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Publications :

Discontinuity in the molecular neuroendocrine response to increasing daylengths in Ile-de-France ewes: Is transient Dio2 induction a key feature of circannual timing?

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