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Neuroendocrinologie Moleculaire de la Reproduction

Didier LOMET


Didier LOMET

After obtaining a DUT (Applied Biology and Biochemical Analysis) and a Master's degree in Biochemistry in 1997, I joined INRA Nouzilly in 2000 as a contractor on private sector projects. In February 2002, I became tenured and joined the team of Neurobiology and Control of Seasonal Functions and work for IR Alain Caraty. Today I practice my activity in the NMR team with Dr. Hugues Dardente on the genetic mechanisms involved in the seasonal physiology of ovine reproduction. Specialized in animal testing, RIA, ELISA (...), for some years I have expanded my field of expertise by molecular biology techniques, cell culture

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Publications :

Discontinuity in the molecular neuroendocrine response to increasing daylengths in Ile-de-France ewes: Is transient Dio2 induction a key feature of circannual timing?

Dardente H, Lomet D, Chesneau D, Pellicer-Rubio MT, Hazlerigg D.

J Neuroendocrinol. 2019 Aug;31(8):e12775.


The kisspeptin analog C6 is a possible alternative to PMSG (pregnant mare serum gonadotropin) for triggering synchronized and fertile ovulations in the Alpine goat.

Decourt C, Robert V, Lomet D, Anger K, Georgelin M, Poissenot K, Pellicer-Rubio MT, Aucagne V, Beltramo M.

PLoS One. 2019 Mar 28;14(3):e0214424.


Brain mapping of the gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone-related peptide 2 with a novel antibody suggests a connection with emotional reactivity in the Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica, Temminck & Schlegel, 1849).

Poissenot K, Anger K, Constantin P, Cornilleau F, Lomet D, Tsutsui K, Dardente H, Calandreau L, Beltramo M.

J Comp Neurol. 2019 Aug 1;527(11):1872-1884.


Photoperiod and thyroid hormone regulate expression of l‐dopachrome tautomerase (Dct), a melanocyte stem‐cell marker, in tanycytes of the ovine hypothalamus

H Dardente, D Lomet

Journal of neuroendocrinology 30 (9), e12640


Neuroendocrine correlates of the critical day length response in the Soay sheep

D Hazlerigg, D Lomet, G Lincoln, H Dardente

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Anti-angiogenic VEGFAxxxb transcripts are not expressed in the medio-basal hypothalamus of the seasonal sheep

D Lomet, B Piégu, SH Wood, H Dardente

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The impact of thyroid hormone in seasonal breeding has a restricted transcriptional signature

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Crosstalks between kisspeptin neurons and somatostatin neurons are not photoperiod dependent in the ewe hypothalamus

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Visfatin and resistin in gonadotroph cells: expression, regulation of LH secretion and signalling pathways

V Maillard, S Elis, A Desmarchais, C Hivelin, L Lardic, D Lomet, ...

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Rostro‐caudal maturation of glial cells in the accessory olfactory system during development: involvement in outgrowth of Gn RH neurites

S Geller, D Lomet, A Caraty, Y Tillet, A Duittoz, P Vaudin

European Journal of Neuroscience 46 (10), 2596-2607


Involvement of plasma adipokines in metabolic and reproductive parameters in Holstein dairy cows fed with diets with differing energy levels

N Mellouk, C Rame, JL Touzé, E Briant, L Ma, D Guillaume, D Lomet, ...

Journal of dairy science 100 (10), 8518-8533


The two populations of kisspeptin neurons are Involved in the ram-induced LH pulsatile secretion and LH surge in anestrous ewes

C Fabre-Nys, J Cognié, L Dufourny, M Ghenim, S Martinet, O Lasserre, D Lomet...

Endocrinology 158 (11), 3914-3928


The “Ram Effect”: A “Non-Classical” mechanism for inducing LH surges in sheep

C Fabre-Nys, A Chanvallon, J Dupont, L Lardic, D Lomet, S Martinet, ...

PloS one 11 (7), e0158530


Seasonal breeding in mammals: from basic science to applications and back

H Dardente, D Lomet, V Robert, C Decourt, M Beltramo, ...

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No evidence that RFamide-related peptide 3 directly modulates LH secretion in the ewe

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The Content of Thyroid Hormone Receptor α in Ewe Kisspeptin Neurones is not Season‐Dependent

L Dufourny, D Gennetay, S Martinet, D Lomet, A Caraty

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GnRH episodic secretion is altered by pharmacological blockade of gap junctions: possible involvement of glial cells

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Plasma and ovarian oestradiol and the variability in the LH surge induced in ewes by the ram effect

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Rational design of triazololipopeptides analogs of kisspeptin inducing a long-lasting increase of gonadotropins

M Beltramo, V Robert, M Galibert, JB Madinier, P Marceau, H Dardente, D Lomet...

Journal of medicinal chemistry 58 (8), 3459-3470


Progesterone improves the maturation of male-induced preovulatory follicles in anoestrus ewes

A Adib, S Freret, JL Touze, D Lomet, L Lardic, D Chesneau, A Estienne, ...

Reproduction, REP-14-0263


Acute injection and chronic perfusion of kisspeptin elicit gonadotropins release but fail to trigger ovulation in the mare

C Decourt, A Caraty, C Briant, D Guillaume, D Lomet, D Chesneau, ...

Biology of reproduction 90 (2)


Gonadotrophin‐Releasing Hormone Release into the Hypophyseal Portal Blood of the Ewe Mirrors Both Pulsatile and Continuous Intravenous Infusion of K isspeptin: An Insight into …

A Caraty, D Lomet, ME Sébert, D Guillaume, M Beltramo, NP Evans

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RF9 powerfully stimulates gonadotrophin secretion in the ewe: evidence for a seasonal threshold of sensitivity

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The effect of an intracerebroventricular injection of metformin or AICAR on the plasma concentrations of melatonin in the ewe: potential involvement of AMPK?

JB Menassol, C Tautou, A Collet, D Chesneau, D Lomet, J Dupont, ...

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Insights into the mechanism by which kisspeptin stimulates a preovulatory LH surge and ovulation in seasonally acyclic ewes: potential role of estradiol

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Turnover rate of cerebrospinal fluid in female sheep: changes related to different light-dark cycles

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Evidence that the choroids plexus in female sheep express P-glycoprotein.

S Bougoin, D Lomet, D Kerboeuf, YV Le, B Malpaux, JC Thiery

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The preovulatory LH surge in the ewe appears to be essentially timed by the hypothalamus

S Ben Said, IJ Clarke, D Lomet, A Caraty



The effect of AMP‐activated kinase activation on gonadotrophin‐releasing hormone secretion in GT1‐7 cells and its potential role in hypothalamic regulation of the oestrous …

S Coyral‐Castel, L Tosca, G Ferreira, E Jeanpierre, C Rame, D Lomet, ...

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Rôle de la forme polysialylée de NCAM dans l'activité des neurones à GnRH

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The effect of AMPK activation on GnRH secretion in GT1‐7 cells and its potential role in hypothalamic regulation of the oestrous cyclicity in rats

S Coyral‐Castel, L Tosca, G Ferreira, E Jeanpierre, C Rame, D Lomet, ...

Journal of Neuroendocrinology


Kisspeptin synchronizes preovulatory surges in cyclical ewes and causes ovulation in seasonally acyclic ewes

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Endocrinology 148 (11), 5258-5267


Role of the 5'AMP-activated protein kinase in reproduction: a possible involvement in the central regulation

L Tosca, G Ferreira, E Jeanpierre, S Coyral-Castel, A Caraty, D Lomet, ...



Differential estradiol requirement for the induction of estrus behavior and the luteinizing hormone surge in two breeds of sheep

S Ben Said, D Lomet, D Chesneau, L Lardic, S Canepa, D Guillaume, ...

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Concentrations of estradiol in ewe cerebrospinal fluid are modulated by photoperiod through pineal‐dependent mechanisms

JC Thiery, D Lomet, M Schumacher, P Liere, H Tricoire, A Locatelli, ...

Journal of pineal research 41 (4), 306-312


Kisspeptin immunoreactive cells of the ovine preoptic area and arcuate nucleus co-express estrogen receptor alpha

I Franceschini, D Lomet, M Cateau, G Delsol, Y Tillet, A Caraty

Neuroscience letters 401 (3), 225-230


Seasonnality et polymorphism of oMT1 melatonin receptor: Causal relation or simple marker?

E Trécherel, A Collet, D Chesneau, D Lomet, M Batailler, AH Duittoz, ...

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Kisspeptin directly stimulates gonadotropin-releasing hormone release via G protein-coupled receptor 54

S Messager, EE Chatzidaki, D Ma, AG Hendrick, D Zahn, J Dixon,D Lomet ...

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (5), 1761-1766


Regulation by estradiol of hypothalamic somatostatin gene expression: possible involvement of somatostatin in the control of luteinizing hormone secretion in the ewe

D Pillon, A Caraty, C Fabre-Nys, D Lomet, M Cateau, G Bruneau

Biology of reproduction 71 (1), 38-44